Noble Vybe: Steven Olsen Will Bring You To Tears In 'Just Married'

Read Noble Vybe’s blog post about Steven Lee Olsen’s powerful and truthful song, “Just Married,” off his latest album, ‘Timing Is Everything.’

“Marriage is an important step in someone’s life. Many people have a different view of what marriage is all about. For Steven Olsen, it’s certainly a moment in one’s life where things get that much more serious. His latest amazing single ‘Just Married’ is quite a beautiful revelation of his values and his ability to express them in this matter.

The Nashville-based singer/songwriter has given us a taste of his unique talent in singing about something important to him. You might want to keep a box of tissue close once you start listening to ‘Just Married’. The writing is simple and yet so sophisticated. The singing is obviously well done with a such grace and grit. With a sensitive subject to sing about like marriage, Olsen wows the auditors with his powerful vocals, heartwarming lyrical content and sweet-sounding instrumental melodies. Everything is well placed to make ‘Just Married’ a true masterpiece of a love song.”

Molly Cashen