Independent Country Artists Enjoy Creative Freedom

Steven Lee Olsen was featured in Forbes, discussing the creative freedom he experiences being an independent artist:

Steven Lee Olsen’s path to becoming an independent artist was filled with ups and downs. After signing with Columbia Nashville, the Canadian born singer/songwriter found himself competing for a spot on the charts against other artists as well as artists within his record label.

“There's only so many spots on the charts and there's only so many adds that you're gonna get from a radio station," he explains. "When I was signed to Columbia, they released three new artists almost consecutively. When you have one team trying to get one spot at radio, two of you are gonna suffer, or you're gonna have to spread your opportunities out so much that they're not gonna be effective at all.”

Feeling a bit of pressure from nearly everyone around him, Olsen felt as if he was losing sight of who he was.

“It was a deterrent to my growth as an artist and just as a human. When I was signed to Columbia, I was like 'yes, I will do whatever you want,'" he admits. "I trusted everyone in shaping my craft and what they thought it should be. I almost gave up too many liberties, just things that make you unique that you have to really nurture. I believe you have to know who you are as an artist, you have to grow and express and trust your gut otherwise, you're gonna be fabricated by your surroundings.”

You can read the full article here.

Molly Cashen