Steven Lee Olsen Releases New Album 'Timing Is Everything'


Steven Lee Olsen is ready to step into the spotlight with the release of TIMING IS EVERYTHINGavailable at all digital partners nowThe cohesive, independently-released collection proves that Olsen is not only capable of taking country music by storm as a songwriter, but also as an artist. 

"I personally felt the title was a no brainer,” said Olsen. "There have been a lot of setbacks for me these past couple of years and my patience was wearing thin. I was anxious to put out music. Then all the pieces started falling together and here we are releasing this album. It took some time, but being on the other side of it now, it’s easy to see that timing really is everything."


1. Timing Is Everything

(Steven Lee Olsen, Ben West, Troy Verges)

2. There I Said It

(David Hodges, Steven Lee Olsen, Troy Verges)

3. Future Me

(Brett James, Steven Lee Olsen)

4. Eastwood

(Steven Lee Olsen, Josh Miller, David Garcia)

5. Just Married

(Steven Lee Olsen, Josh Miller, Troy Verges)

6. Undefeated

(Troy Verges, Steven Lee Olsen, David Garcia, Josh Miller)

7. Fools Fall In Love

(Steven Lee Olsen, Josh Miller, David Garcia)

Watch the lyric video for the title track and radio single "Timing Is Everything" here:

Molly Cashen